Some of our distributors do not handle this wire rope hoist.
Please ask our distributors for the detail in each country.
Although all sorts of machinery are available to do the job, Kito's wire rope hoists are a popular choice in most industrial fields. Versatile and reliable, they are gentle on both man and the environment. Kito's constant technological innovativeness has made it one of the world's top manufacturers of material handling equipment and lifting machinery. We offer a diverse array of models which you can select the one best suited for your needs. Our hoists are reliable and easy to operete. To make your lifting work more efficient, to save on labour and streamline operations, consider our Type F and Type K Hoists.
Type F (1t to 3t) High Frequency Use Type Type F (1t to 3t) Medium Frequency Use Type

�E� Both allowable frequency of use and hoisting speed are the highest in this industrial field.

�E� This hoist is structurally simple and economical with real capability.
�E� This hoist is provided with one-rank higher capability and both power worthy of its real capability and economical efficiency.

Regular Type Type KM: 5t to 20t Features of Type F
Low-Head Type Type KD: 5t to 20t Regular Type Type FM: 1t to 3t
Double Rall Type Type KR: 3t to 30t Low-Head Type Type FD: 1t to 3t
Suspension Type Type KK: 5t to 20t Double Rall Type Type FR: 1t to 3t
Stationary Type Type KS: 5t to 30t Suspension Type Type FK: 1t to 3t