How to Order Lashings & Lashing Safety

   Having first selected the appropriate Minimum Break Strength, the lashing format must next be considered.

Here, there are two options:Two-Part or Endless, with the possibility to specify the fixed and overall lengths of a Two-Part Lashing or the overall length of an Endless Lashing.

Two-part overall length


Endless overall length

When specifying a particular lashing, please give the following information:-

  1. Ratchet code number.
  2. Two part or endless configuration.
  3. Terminal code number.
  4. Overall length.
  5. Fixed length (if applicable).
  6. Threaded and sewn back or heat sealed webbing.
  7. Type, length and number of protective items.
  8. For NATO green colouring, add suffix "NG".

Example of lashing order description

"For a 5000kg MBS Ratchet Lashing System, in two part configuration, with Rave Hook terminals, with an overall length of 6 metres, a fixed length of 2 metres, with threaded and sewn back webbing, and with 2 x 50cm anti-abrasion sleeves, all to be NATO green, the order number is constructed as follows:

  • 01857 Ratchet Code
  • FL2m Fixed length
  • 2 Two part configuration
  • TSB Threaded and sewn back webbing
  • 01206 Rave Hook terminations
  • OL6m Overall length
  • 2 xTUB 60, L 0.5m Anti-abrasion sleeves
  • NG NATO green colour
    01857-2-01206-OL-6m-FL-2m-TSB-2 X TUB 60,L 0.5m-NG"